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How to make longer and healthy life of your Cane Corso?

Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe

All of us know that dog is the part of our family, live with us, 

walk with us, work with us, sleep with us, play with us, make 

us happy, feels our sadness, give us  a whole his life on a 


But also knows to make us angry ( it takes ussualy very short

 time ), if bite something he was not allowed to does, but just 

to get our attention to him...

Anyway, give us immeasurable love and will do everything for

 us, becuase in dog’s world they dont know to hurt feelings of

 the people as same people can do to the another people...

Dog deserve position of winner as human best friend!

All of the people, start feel love just in first few days when get a puppy, even earlier before get the puppy, therefore, we, dogs 

owners,  must take good care of our puppies and dogs and make our Cane Corsos healthy and longer life!

We, in kennel „Spunk Gang“ know how to make our best friends happy, healthy with longer life!

Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe

Why our puppies look so shine with big bones?

Why our show dogs look so impressive with fully of muscles?

Why our older dogs have not so many white hair?

Modern age comes, by the quality genetic codes we keep in Spunk Gang bloodline, and thanksgiving industry today and natural

 supplements we are able to get for our dogs, we go to represent you the products who will give you answer at your questions!

We dont want to keep secrects just for us, we share with everybody!

We proudly represents DR.VET GROUP and their products for Cane Corso.

Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe

Kalcivet is a product intended for feeding puppies, pregnant and breastfeeding bitches, and older dogs in the same age categories. Calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D are important for the proper growth and development of the skeletal system of Cane Corsos. An optimal ratio of 2:1 of Calcium and phosphorus has been proven in practice to be appropriate for different categories of dogs. Personal experience in raising young dogs, as well as professional recommendations, were some of the guidelines for developing this product. In their regular feeding, our pets frequently lack to receive adequate amounts of the above, and thus it is very difficult to expect the skeletal system to develop optimally. The use of Kalcivet in the first 12 months of growth and development of Cane Corso puppies prevents bones from bending and being deformed. Excessive doses of calcium in the daily rations of dogs is a great big problem, as this reduces the reabsorbing of many very important minerals (Mg, Zn, etc.), slowing down some metabolic processes in the body.

In addition to calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, Kalcivet also contains other essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Minerals are of an organic (chelating) origin, which is a form which is the easiest for use by the organism. In this way, the negative effect of calcium on the absorption of minerals is reduced and thus we get a multiple effect. The very number of ingredients shows us that this is a very serious and thoroughly analyzed product, which in addition to the primary effect on the skeletal system also affects the development of the entire organism.

The need for minerals and vitamins by pregnant bitches increases daily with the growth and development of the foetus. Using Kalcivet during pregnancy allows care for bitches, as well as optimal health and size of puppies after birth.

Bitches secrete large amounts of minerals and vitamins through their milk, so it is essential to add supplements to the food provided which will compensate for any possible losses. The approved mineral forms enable a quick supplementing of deposits in the body, as well as a rapid improvement of the health of bitches after the breastfeeding period. Given that the milk of these animals is the only source of nutrients for the puppies, the use of this preparation is considered to be justified as it aides their development.

The doses of the product are divided into recommended (daily) and therapeutic. Kalcivetin practice has proved to be a product that is used as therapy for bone fractures, bone deformities as well as improving the health of bitches after breastfeeding.

The basis of the development of this product is meeting the needs of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, as well as support for the development and preservation of the skeletal system of Cane Corso. Adding other vitamins and minerals primarily has an effect on the entire body and offers a complex product on the market.

Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe

Skin health and the quality of the hair of dogs is a very important part in the life of our pets. Many dogs have problems with fur and skin, considering many of them do not originate from this climate, and at the same time, the ingredients of their food may have not been a part of their diet. This problem has to be addressed in detail, given that the factors which affect the quality of hair and skin are manifold. The skin problems which are very common are allergic reactions, irritation due to parasites, and skin inflammation. The problems of pet’s coats are dry and brittle fur, dull coats, hair loss and a loss of pigmentation.

Dermavet is a product consisting of vitamins, minerals, polyunsaturated fatty acids and yeasts.

Each of these elements has its use and function in improving the health of dog fur. Biotin takes part in the synthesis of keratin (the basic ingredient for hair, skin and nails). Essential fatty acids have an impact on the stabilization and reduction of inflammatory processes. In addition to this, they also affect the quality and shine of the coat.

Brewer’s yeast is a source of vitamins and minerals which have a positive effect on the quality and health of the skin and coat.

B-complex vitamins have a positive effect on the shine of the coat and are therefore included in Dermavet. Organic and inorganic zinc affects the health and regeneration of the skin as well as the quality of the coat. By using Dermavet, positive effects are noticeable in dogs in the first few days. A preventive use of this product is recommended during the exhibition season, as well as during shedding in order to reduce its intensity.

Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe

Cane Corsos is exposed to certain physical effort and activities on a daily basis. Very often the food used in the nutrition of our pets is inadequately balanced in the sense of nutrition, and it may be characterized by deficits of certain vitamins and minerals in the organism. Thus, dog owners should use this product as a source of micro and macro elements for their pets. Our professional, breeding and exhibition experience have inspired us to use this product in order to meet the needs of pets who are subjected to physical exertion, as well as those being prepared for exhibitions and presentations. The level of vitamins and minerals is optimized in order to satisfy the most demanding dog.

Minerals are of an organic (chelating) origin, which is a form which is the easiest for use by the organism. Linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acids are added to this product primarily to improve the health status of animals. Namely, the body cannot synthesize these (essential) acids, so it is necessary to ingest them every day. The main effect of these acids is a positive impact on skin health and the quality of fur, cholesterol levels and the health status of the cadiovascular system, as well as strengthening the immune system and metabolism and distributing body fat.

Taurine is an essential amino acid in the nutrition. The main role of this amino acid is to further the optimal performance of the reproductive system as well as sight. A food deficiency is very quickly manifested via increased dental decay, reproductive disorders, cardiovascular disorders, and loss of vision. The inclusion of taurine in Multivet allows the meeting of the daily needs for this amino acid.

During the working season, sporting and working dogs often lack to get optimal doses of vitamins and minerals, and their health deteriorates over time. Adult dogs can receive a double daily dose of Multivet during the sporting & working season in order to overcome any potential health problems. Multivet has proven to be first-rate in the nutrition of dogs exposed to stress, long-term shipping and a change of environment. In such situations, the appetite of dogs drops off, and thus deposits and supplies of vitamins and minerals in the body decrease. The number of ingredients as well as their levels indicate that this is a complex and high-quality product, intended for the feeding of Cane Corsos. In practice, we have noticed that the use of this product in nutrition gives positive effects in the initial period of use.

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