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Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe

We are sure that lot of you know only for black, brindle, grey and fawn colors of this magnificent breed. But Spunk Gang team are here to show you more informations about Cane Corso Italiano breed.

 Probably lot of you just can imagine about white Cane Corso, some of you heard somewhere that white Italian Mastiff exist but you never saw any dog in the world, or maybe you saw somewhere but you assumed that its a photoshoop... Do you ask yourself what may be a truth?

Yes, white Cane Corso are there, exist, but on the whole world you can find out just maybe several dogs this color...

In general, this is not new color or color get mixed Cane Corsos with some other white breeds as Dogo Argentino or something similar, this is pure breed dog!

This color is one of the basic color of the Cane Corso 1000 years ago, when Romans used dogs in battles mostly as symbol of power!

The "official name" is cream color, or as people like to say "Old magnificent cream color". 

Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe

Why today its real wealth to have this color?

First, as we explained above, on the whole world there are only several examples of this color. Dogs this color are very typical dogs for the breed, started from the head as far away during the body!

For some other but for us most important thing for Italian Mastiff is character, by our experiences we can say that dogs this color have extremly perfect character. Very able for working as well for other work tests.

Genetic Code of color:

Dogs of a cream color without mask with black lips, eyes and a black nose. Genetic formula – B-D-ee-.

How to get this color in breeding:

These dogs are all born from parents of standard colors who are invisible (recessive) carriers, what is very very rare today.