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Born at February 21th 2019

black male available

Sokol Del Dyrium


Spunk Gang
Born at April 1st 2019

3 black males & 2 black females available

Desert Eagle Spunk Gang



Middle of June 2019

Both parrents imported to Spunk Gang

Sokol Del Dyrium


Rosa Della Vale Degli Orsi Ali

We require a 500 USD / 500 EUR / 500 GBP deposit that is non refundable but transferable to any breeding in the future up to 2 years after placing your deposit with us. It is important to us that you receive the puppy you want regardless of any situation!

 Transportation of Cane Corso puppies is available to the all destination of the world, dont be affraid, let us to

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    We already sent our Cane Corso puppies all over the world, from USA ( over Europe & Africa & Asia ) to Australia. We have our shipping agent who work on transportation of our dogs and puppies, you can be assured and contact people who bought puppies from us all over the Cane Corso world. 

 We have available adult and young Cane Corso dogs for sale!

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