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All about dog's joints

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  • General about joints

Joints are very important part for all dog’s functions. Joint are 2 bones which are connected by cartilage. The biggest joints in dog’s body are hips, elbows, knees, shoulders and hocks. Dog should to be aggility for normal life, including healthy and strong joints dog will be for sure healthy and aggility, dog will has normal life.

Main reason of joint healthy problems with Cane Corso may come when joints are not enough firm. Strenght of joint, 2 bones which are connected by ligament, between 2 bones there is cartilage which doesnt allow crash 2 bones. Cartilage should to be firm and thick, because  better work of joint, better work of 2 bones who are connected. Cartilage keeps, connect and lubricates bone for better work.

  • Composition of Cartilage

Cartilage is composed of specialized cells called chondrocytes that produce a large amount of extracellular matrix composed of collagen fibers, abundant ground substance rich in proteoglycan, and elastin fibers. Cartilage is classified in three types, elastic cartilage, hvaline cartilage and fibrocartilage, which differ in the relative amounts of these three main components. Chondroblasts that get caught in the matrix are called chondrocytes. They lie in spaces called lacunae with up to eight chondrocytes per lacuna.

  • Ligaments

Ligaments are similar to tendons and fasciae as they are all made of connective tissue. The differences in them are in the connections that they make; ligaments connect one bone to another bone, tendons connect muscle to bone and fasciae connect muscles to other muscles. These are all found in the skeletal system of the dog body. Ligaments cannot usually be regenerated naturally, however there are periodontal ligament stem cells located near the periodontal ligament which are involved in the adult regeneration of periodontal ligament.

  • Injury ligaments

Injury of ligaments may happen 24/7, except when dog sleep. Practically, its violation which can make a lot of problems. The most important thing for Cane Corso is movement, with injured ligament, dog feel big pains and can not move normal. It may happen when dog witty leg in some hole or slippery, whatever, all situations may have potential dangerous, and its normal, like in a human life. Its very seriously injury, from my text you can conclude, practically dog can not „work“ if has injured leg, broken ligament or ligaments. Injury may be seriously or not too much dangerous, there are situations when dog can just stretch tendon or some other similar things, or injury may be very seriously when ligament is stretch or broken. For sure broken ligament is worst option and dog need some time for recovery including surgery ( ussualy ). Once broken ligament, never can be natural connected. Stretch ligament almost never can be again normal, but by the time ligament will be stronger with quality care and recovery by the owner.

  • „Injury“ cartilage

Practically, cartilage can not be injured, during aging cartilages spent by time, what is normal thing, how Cane Corso is older, each part in body is older and spent by time. Problem with cartilage may start in the young age of puppy, including not adequate care, not quality food, not enough vitamin C ( very important thing for development of cartilage, but will be explained in later tesxt ) and some other things, cartilage will not be enough thick, then may happen problem with bones, without enough thick bones can crash one by other, dog will feel the pain and can not move part of the body where joints play main function in moves. Without good quality of cartilage, bones can crash or stay out of bearing. Then also may come to the stretch or broke ligaments, because the entire burden will hold ligaments, and during the time will ligaments will stretch or broke.

  • General serious injures

Cane Corso is breed which belongs to molosses, it means heavy but elegant body, strong and big bones whose joints needs strong and quality ligaments and cartilages. Without this two things, during the time can start problems. Biggest problem for healthy may be hips, elbows, shoulders or knees dysplasia. Dysplasia means very serious problem with dog healthy. In hard score of dysplasia, there are almost not medical help, at the other side, in light score of dysplasia, dog can live normaly but must be safe and not to be trainined, including treatments, not fat, not too much walking, not run, only what veterinarians can recommend is swimming.

  •  Precautions and healthy treatment of joints

We already conlcuded function of joints, next to cartilage and ligaments, there are also some other things which are very important for joints work, but we are focused on cartilage and ligaments, as two main function things in joint. Cane Corso is work dog, dog who need to has good movement, good work of all joints, good work of legs, this applies for show and work dogs, also for pets. During the puppy’s growing, owner should to take care as much as he/she can, because growing and breed of Cane Corso puppy is serious „work“. Including good quality food, raw or dry food, including vitamins – especially vitamin C, dog should to enter in body, stomach and metabolism supstances which improve quality of ligaments and cartilages. Today in 21. century, modern age bring to us a lot of things what we can use to precaution our puppy and make puppy’s joints stronger. During the puppy growing, you can give some tablets which included main supstances: chondroitin & glucosamine. It will help your puppy has stronger joints. The same thing may be used for dog treatment who has not strong joint, and with this way you will protect your puppy or dog for dangerous situation.

Today in the world, there are a lot Cane Corsos who have problems with dysplasia.

Be conscientious breeder or owner of this amazing breed, take care as much as you can about your puppies and adult

 dogs, safe and keep them healthy!


This text is written by Slobodan Grujic ( Spunk Gang Kennel )

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