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About Cane Corso feeding 

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There are many  misconceptions about feeding Cane Corso. The mostly used are:

  • Dog needs only meat,
  • Bones,
  • Vetetables they should not be given, its harmul,
  • Milk is most important in any meal,

  • etc...

These misconceptions confirm there are people and dog’s owners who insufficiently known and take care about their pets.

Essential is that the meal contains all necessary ingredients  in sufficient quantities, that are not too cold, savory or reheated. Complete meal includes energy, protein, vitamin and mineral food.

Favorite dog’s meal usually contains boiled corn flour, rice and grains. Such a meal in the fully meets the energy needs of the dog.

As substitute for a fresh meat, milk and dairy products, which are the most important but also the most expensive sources of protein foods, you can prepaire and serve meat and fish flour, a variety of animal offal and protein foods of plant origin - germ of cereals, soybeans and peanuts.

Properly selected bones are the source for the mineral substances, especially calcium. Important mineral ingredients are salt and bone flour, which in appropriate amounts should be included in every meal dog in development.

Fresh green vegetables, especially carrots, its all vitamin food. In winter, in the absence of fresh vegetables dog can be fed fish oil, yeast and germ of various grains.

Very important is that meals should be liquid, and during the food preparation, cooking or frying should be on a low temperature to preserve nutrients. Suntanned food dogs reluctant to eat.

  • Number of meals depends on dog’s age:

  • Puppies, up to 8 weeks of age:  5 meals per day

  • Puppies, up to 3 months of age: 4 meals per day

  • Puppies  / Young dogs, up to 10 months of age: 3 meals per day

  • Young dogs / adults, over 10 months of age: 1-2 meals per day 

This text is written by Slobodan Grujic ( Spunk Gang Kennel )

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