Cane Corso, Cane Corso puppies, Spunk Gang, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso breeder, Black Cane Corso, Puppies

Robust, powerfull, agile and familiar...


Spunk Gang is home of quality breeding selection!

Cane Corso, Cane Corso puppies, Spunk Gang, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso breeder, Black Cane Corso, Puppies
Spunk Gang kennel is...

...Established in 2006!
...Officialy registered under FCI since 2010!
( Federation Cynologique Internationale )
...Well known kennel in cynology's world since 2012!
...Became most favourite kennel worldwide since 2015!
...First European kennel registered under ICCF!
( International Cane Corso federation )
...Exported Cane Corso puppies to over 30 countries worldwide!
...Home where temperament comes first!
...Working to improve quality of dogs by keeping clear and health bloodline!
...TOP world's Cane Corso kennel for 2018 and 2019!

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Frenquently Asked Questions

1. Is the Cane Corso right breed for me?

If you are enough old that you can handle dog of 50kg, if you know how to work with the dog, if you are ready to give the care, time and energy to teach your dog something, to walk with your dog daily and enjoy together, if you want dog who is stable and calm but ready for action, then Cane Corso is the right dog for you!

2. Is it a family dog?

Apsolutely it does, a family dog breed, enjoys life with family members and is calm, very excellent protector of family and property but dog who knows how to show eternal life, love and care for family!

3. Does is this dog good with children?

One of the best breeds on the world for the children, we can guarantee it if you go with the quality ones! Specially if you start with the puppy together when your child/children when they are enough old so can understanding what they can do and what can not do, Cane Corso will make even stronger emotional connection with child/children than with you, and they will be best friends for a life!

4. But with other dogs and other animals, like cats for example?

Cane Corso in general is very familiar dog, does not matter with which kind of animal, but it loves company. We dont have other animals than dogs in Spunk Gang, but our dogs are great with other dogs and even different breeds. From experiences of people who own Spunk Gang dogs, some families worldwide have cats, and their new puppy made excellent connection with cat and they became a pack, they live together without any problems; as well, one family from USA which own dog from us, they have bird and Cane Corso is not the dog who will kill the bird, but very frindly to the bird. You can take a look at our website and you will see a lot of photos of dogs with other animals.

5. It seems that Cane Corso is perfect breed? :)

It is definitely truth, this breed is really wonderful and the reason why is one of the most favorite breed on the world!

6. What is an average lifespan of this wonderful breed?

People who made the standard for the breed and people who make statistics of this dogs says that lifespan of Corsos should be 10 years of age, but pure Spunk Gang bloodline dogs have an average lifespan of almost 11 years ( exactly 10.9 years average ).

7. Do Spunk Gang dogs are health tested/checked?

Since 2006 and when we start breeding dogs, since then each of our dogs was health tested and every of our young dog will be health tested when time for it comes ( 12 months of age ), and for sure only health and clear dogs we will use in our breeding program, by that fact its the reason why our dogs have average lifespan more than other bloodlines and over FCI / AKC / ICCF standard average lifespan.
We keep strong and apsolutely clear bloodline and we will go with that way in the future!
We do checking on hips and elbows dysplasia, patella luxation checking, heart and eyes testing.

8. I have heard that some Cane Corsos fear a lot and afraid of everything?

Unfortunately its the truth but here is the reason of that, since 2010/2011 when expansion of this breed started in the world, a lot of people breed only because of money, making "puppy factory" and selling dogs without doing any health and temperament testing, using very young not proven dogs in breeding, putting no care in puppy life, breeding them in very low conditions and "thanks" to them today we have over 80% of dogs with very bad temperament, scared of everything. But there are still good dogs and health temperament bloodline, so people who plan to go with quality puppy should make very strict selection from where will get a puppy.
And now you ask me how they are most favorite breed in the world with that temperament? But that 20% of normal temperament dogs are great and dogs who adorn and represent this breed in the right way. Even with that fact, with good temperament as it should be and with health clear, they are perfect dogs for real!

9. What is the temperament of your dogs?

It is very complex question for us, as the temperament is the thing which comes first in Spunk Gang. But to be honest, direct and short, we give guarantee to every of our dogs about temperament, they are perfect with family, even better with children, very connected to the owners and family members, they are calm but playfully, apsolutely outstanding guardians and Spunk Gang dogs don't know what fear is. They will do anything necessary for the owner and family. All of our dogs are temperament tested, and we work with all of our dogs, next to health clear - all of our breeding dogs before come in breeding plan have to pass temperament and working exams ( ex: basic obedience, shot exam, attack and defence simulation ), so by genetic all of our puppies are temperament tested by parentage and in many generations in bloodline.
But who is interested more in temperament of our dogs, can check over the website and get more details about it.

And once more i have to say, as temperament comes first in Spunk Gang, you will be very welcome to visit us and our dogs to see them in alive and make sure in Spunk Gang bloodline. As well, we have exported our puppies and dogs in over 30 countries worldwide, its always possible option to share contact from your country of someone who have imported dog from Spunk Gang and check about temperament from "different angle".

10. What are differences in cheap and expensive puppies?

First, its big difference in look as you can notice, but the thing which you can not notice and is below the look, its health and temperament tests and many generations have it done, its bigger proof you will have quality puppy!

If you are ready to buy puppy cheap, be ready for expensive veterinary bills later and no happy life even with short lifespan, unfortunately!

But if you think better and go for more expensive but quality puppy, in general it will cost you cheaper than cheap puppy, even you will get more beautiful dog, you will have clear health genetic with excellent temperament what everybody wants, you will enjoy in life without expensive veterinary bills, you both will have nice, happy and long life together!

The puppy should be purchased once every 10 years, not once a year!
Take care and think about your decision!

11. What guarantee i have if i go with the puppy from Spunk Gang?

If you decide to purchase Cane Corso puppy from us, you will have lifetime support and 100% guarantee to puppy, includes many generations health tested and clear as well temperament tested, apsolutely clear bloodline by parentage! You will get 9 months proven breeding plan how to grow up your puppy and keep 100% health, to avoid problems later what may happens with some other bloodlines.

12. How i can get a Cane Corso puppy from you?

Wherever you are from, Europe or overseas, in callaboration with shipping cargo agency R-Cargo from Slovakia ( ), we have already shipped our puppies worlwide, and you can check it on this link - click here, they do very quality shipping of live animals, all puppies and dogs will reach destination fast and on the safest possible way, without any kind of stress, but there are people who put finest care to puppies during the trip or flight. If you are from Europe, there are two options for shipping, depends on location it may be with car or airplane or combined, but if you are oversea - shipping will be by airplane. 

13. How to know to choose right puppy for myself?

As we breed Cane Corso dogs since 2006, and you trust in Spunk Gang genetic, its very important for us how dog you would like to have, about look and temperament, so we will go and recommend you the best one under your wishes, by that way you can be sure you will get a dog you would like to have, under your criterion.

14. What is the best age to start serious trainings with Cane Corso?

Next to 9 months proven breeding plan you will get from us, you will get all other instructions detailed regarding to trainings with Cane Corsos. Early socialization and walking with leash may be started from 3 months of age, but we prefer 3.5 months of age, then just easy walkings and let your puppy plays around, but does not force what puppy feels not to does, just easy during the growing period. After 15 months of age we consider that dog is enough adult for other kind of trainings and you can start it.

If your question is not listed, feel free and contact us please!