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This page represent the owners & location and story about how is made

Cane Corso kennel "Spunk Gang" 

Since 2005, few years after Cane Corso breed is fully accepted by FCI, when was unpopular breed and very small number of people knew what exactly this breed is and how dog look, we started to learn a lot about this breed. During our theoretical learning, we saw very small number of dogs in alive, there were no too much dogs, only 2-3 official breeders on Balkan, East Europe. After our theoretical knowledge, after a lot of search to find out best way to pick up good & quality Italian Mastiff, started of 2006 we decided to get our first Corso, then to our family came Kimi, black female with good pedigree, she is daughter from CH Dugan Dei Martinotti x Rima.

With our dog, we learned a lot, it was first dog we ever had who made us without text with beauty, inteligence, characteral and temperant. we didint know, but it was such that we felt - its definitelly perfect dog we have. Great experiences, what to say more, perfect family dog, perfect with children, but inter alia, still perfect guardian dog, who watch on everything.

We felt it will be beautiful gift for us to have Cane Corso puppies from her. Then time comes, she was apsolutely ready for breeding, but during the time, we searched and searched to find out the best match for her, and we found out. In that time, man from Serbia imported beautiful male from Italy, show & work quality, what was very important for us, his name is Cherokke Di Nero Puro. He is yelow brindle dog, and when we saw that dog, it was for sure Kimi's perfect match, so, we did mating.

2 months after we did breeding, we got such a nice puppies, was 6 puppies in the litter. We decided to keep for ourself brindle black female, her name is Astra Spunk Gang. Its real pleasure to have puppies.

From the start we started to think about breeding, the only important for us was healthy, show and work quality dogs, by experience, we knew there are no too much kennels on the world who breed in one all 3 segments, only few kennels. So, we started to think about this kind of breeding.

We started as small kennel since 2008, the name "Spunk Gang" is not typical in the speech of people, but as we wanted to breed 3 segments in 1, to be unique, also we decided to take unique name for our kennel, then we come for Spunk Gang. 

Im sure most of you know what means "Gang", but there is explanation for "Spunk". The word SPUNK, its untypical word for BRAVE, including GANG, we got the perfect name for our Cane Corso kennel - SPUNK GANG, which another means is BRAVE GANG or BRAVE BAND. We are a team and with a lot courage we will get what we plan from breeding, to get healthy, work and show quality dogs.

Now, we have a dog kennel which count 15 - 20 young & adult show quality Italian Mastiff dogs during the year. Yearly we have few, but very quality litters, all of them are carefully planned, because we work on quality, not quantity. Because of our carefully breeding selection, most of dogs today, we breed are work & beauty champions.

We are located in East Europe, on Balkan in Serbia, the name of our city is Vojka. You can check exactly where we are located.

There is google map where you can scroll and find us, also the detailed map below of our city and our kennel location

                                                        Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe

There are 7 members who take care about dogs & puppies. For us, there are no reasons to have a lot of dogs who will be alone without time for playing & walking & training and all the time closed in their cages. It animals, for us as family members, all of them needs time for relax and enjoying. All dogs who live with us, at the any time of day & night are physical prepaired for any kind of training. All of them we put in our breeding program are healthy, means on hips & elbows generaly, but some of them have some other tests done.

Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe

From 2008-2009, in the world was expansion of Cane Corso breed, what people can make, its incredibly, today world has a lot of dogs from this breed, a lot of breeders who work only because of money, but its not with all, for sure there are on the world still breeders who take care about everything - healthy, work and show quality, who take care how Cane Corso Italiano should to look and try to improve that. We are one of them, and for sure we will remain as we were and as we started breeding of this beautiful breed.

 Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe