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Have you ever wondered how much you know about Cane Corso?
Do you really think you know all good and bad things of this wonderful breed?

Its time to meet the breed in fully, with over 20 lessons by segments from general appearance, over history, temperament, breeding, how dog should look, training, food, supplements and to the deep dog's age...

My name is Slobodan Grujic, the owner of Cane Corso kennel "Spunk Gang", I own and breed dogs over 10 years, all i write will be only from my personal experiences about dogs during my work, but also - will use some informations from the truthful people who have knowledge and who have shared their experience with me, hope it will helps to the lovers, new owners, owners and breeders to improve their knowledge about breed and can apply/use some tips in real life as advices...

Its time for no secret, lets allow to all of us good advices so we can all can work to improve the breed,
by quality breeding and growing healthy puppies!
In order to get dice complex, lets start from the beggining:

Lesson 1st - General appearance

  Its well known that Cane Corso is breed from Italy, medium to large dog, weighting up to 45 kilograms ( 100 pounds ) for females and up to 50 kilograms ( 110 pounds ) for males. Its dog who is not taller at withers than 66cm ( 26 inch ) for female and not taller at withers than 70 cm ( 28 inch ) for a male. The most important characteristic for general appearance is that dog is well balanced with proportions weight/tall with good supstance what makes dog complitely as appearance.

Cane Corso, Cane Corso puppies, Spunk Gang, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso breeder, Black Cane Corso, Puppies

   Cane Corso is working dog, it means that dog needs to be agile, with well movement, in modern age is mostly used as protection dog. Dog is distinguished by high level of inteligence, robust and sturdy but with elegance in all; with lean and powerful muscles it makes perfect guardian dog.

   This dog should have very strong character, but "clear in head", with no signs of aggression and no signs of shyness, should be very stable, adaptable to the all situations and space. Next to good genetic - bloodline, it will comes how people will do socialization with the dog.

Socialization - social life, very important characteristic for all dog breeds, as well for Cane Corso, too, it means that from the young age puppy should meet different people, dogs, sounds, cars, traveling and smells, diffrent space, so become adapted on everything and that everything will become to puppy's mind normal and you will not get negative reaction from the puppy after a while until puppy is adapted; its very similar to the human, with the babies in young age what we do all. We can teach puppy become normal, become strong and calm but only with strong character if puppy has genetic predisposition to be. Socialization is one very big theme what I will write latter in some other lession.

Face is a mirror of a man.
Face is a mirror of a CANE CORSO, too!

   All that character, calm, quantity of power and agile ability dog has to show in expression - in face. Cane Corso's face not needs, but must to shows all of it. For me, its one of the most important characteristic of the breed. Dog who shows you its intentions, if you are in situation that you are in dog's property and family arent there. You see in that face that dog is ready to fight with you until the end. Dog protect its property, what you are looking there when no one isnt home? If you are smart, you will give up and get off from there. Be sure that real Cane Corso will protect its property and no one cant mess around with it.

Cane Corso, Cane Corso puppies, Spunk Gang, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso breeder, Black Cane Corso, Puppies

When you see this kind of Cane Corso on the street but you are breed lover, what you can thought or tell except:

"Wow, your dog is beautiful, i like it"

   Just imagine the reverse situation about exppression, you see the dog on the street, dog has round bulbs eyes, ears set low with no attention, with thin muzzle and with a lot of fat skin and wrinkles on the head, you may think: 

"Excuse me, what breed is this dog?"

Its the worst situation Cane Corso owners may come in with the strangers, and conversation may continue badly, like:

Owner: "Its Cane Corso"
Stranger: "It doesnt looks like..."
Owner: "You have no idea about it, this dog has champion bloodline..."
Stranger: "Thank you, bye!"
Stranger: "What an idiot."
Owner: "Stupid guy."

   Probably you heard somewhere from somebody as well as me something similar, but with this i just want to explain how important is expression and how much it attaches importance to the general appearance.

   Im not a person who make the breed, but there is a standard and each dog breed has to has recognizable face, they are all different. If we want to improve the breed, then we should follow standard proporotions and quality selection.

Did you know that Cane Corso is family & calm dog, the dog who will show you eternal life,
joy and happiness; but did you know that Cane Corso is very gentle with the children?

 Its well known than they are amazing with the children but, only if we speak about real dogs with all characteristic they should have. They are very gentle and full of tolerance when playing with kids, even, kids can walk them, they can grow up together as best friends. 

   Its very hard to describe how they are gentle and tolerant with the kids, because you need to feel that energy by yourself looking at them, it just can be described with simple words - its love, mutual love.

   If you are not sure in characteristics of your dog, if you feel at least the smallest suspicion that your dog can hurt child, do not leave your dog to the kid's hand...

Cane Corso, Cane Corso puppies, Spunk Gang, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso breeder, Black Cane Corso, Puppies

Cane Corso does not require much time for attention, if we speak about adult one - not puppy, just few hours per day, walk or so, but if you want to make serious trainings, dog is ready to do it very seriously.

   Its dog who can train weight pulling, running, swimming but also bite - attack and defence on command.

   Its spectacular how dogs quickly understand what owner look from it. I can say that all Spunk Gang dogs are well trained for the attack and defence, and just in few months you may get your perfect guardian who will react on command "attack". If you have no experience with this, then please take some professionals who will make it from your dog, but also, consult with somebody who has experience with this so expand your knowledge about this, but we will speak about this as well at some further lessons about basic trainings and how to make your puppy in training for the bite on sleeve.

Cane Corso, Cane Corso puppies, Spunk Gang, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso breeder, Black Cane Corso, Puppies
Agile ability is one of the most important characteristic of Cane Corso!
Cane Corso, Cane Corso puppies, Spunk Gang, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso breeder, Black Cane Corso, Puppies

Whole body construction from tail to the fingers is machine from thousands parts connected to work as one. Every single part even the smallest one is very important how whole body can work perfectly.

The most important thing that body can works perfectly is:


   Cane Corso is light heavy dog, big bones and big body but still it must be agile. Agility of the dog provide strong joints and strong back, something to be strong needs to be healthy as well. Big joints in dog body are knees, hips, elbows, shoulders and withers. There are also a lot of smaller joints, but big joints suffer a higher load, and we should care about it to be and stay healthy as well as with whole body.

   Position of bones inside the body - dog's anathomy can tell us does dog is agile or not. It presents with very easy movement, with excellent reach and drive, and means that dog can perform command or training easily. If something miss, then movement will not be like should be, and today, its very big problem with the breed. With those dogs who have anathomy problems with bones and size of bones, open angulations and so, today it comes that dogs have short steps in movement, whats not good for the breed and should be improved. About this very serious thing, i will write later in some other lession. You may think that there is no perfect dog, and yes, i agree, there is not perfect dog, but we need work on to improve the breed by quality selection, and i write about general appearance so you can imagine Cane Corso closer.

   To get back on the story, working ability, as well showing dogs need to have good reach & drive, and its more important for the working dogs, so that dog with the same power can run and make done more work than dog with short steps, It means that dog with short steps needs to spend more power for the same thing or training, but what if dog needs to work more and has no power? If we need and we need agile dogs as should be, then we need dogs with complitely excellent body construction so it can works very well without problems.

   General appearance about movement, Cane Corso gives an impression of very agile dog who will does work until its finished with enough power. But do not understand me wrong, Cane Corso is not machine who can works 24/7 or very long work with high load, its also animal from blood and meat and may comes to the injury even serious injury.

Do you know what means name CANE CORSO translated on English?
It means DOG GUARD!
Cane Corso, Cane Corso puppies, Spunk Gang, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso breeder, Black Cane Corso, Puppies

Probably mostly of you heard that exist few Cane Corso types, some people connect it with type of head even muzzle, but another people make connection with different body type, but what is the truth about types?

   To get the truth, we need to get back on the history of the breed and see how Cane Corso was developed as breed per years back, it is lession 2, click on the buttom and continue... :)