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Lesson 2nd - History of the breed

Mostly of you think that Cane Corso is young breed, but some other people claim that Cane Corso is very old breed? Whats the truth?

Incredibly, but both kind of people are partially correct... How is it possible?
At the mostly websites based about Cane Corso or about dogs in general, you can find out history about the breed, all almost very similar ever same - like you can read at the standard of the breed, thiny informations, very short description which cant helps to true lovers of the breed to get in the core - history of the breed and details of origin, only at few webs you can find out some more informations and details, which is based on the Old Rome Dog
( Canis Pugnax ) and its characteristics.

   Its well known that Rome empire was powerful, powerful people as well legionaries have this dog as symbol of power, they led them to the battles as well to the hunting... It was apsolutely fearless dog, very elegant, full of power and stamina, but same faithful and loyal to the owner. Years later, people used Old Rome Dog as guardian dog of the property and livestock, used for a hunting...
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Cane Corso and Mastino Napoletano were created

from the same dog - Old Rome Dog.
Cane Corso, Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe
   Its truth that Cane Corso and Mastino Napoletano were created from the Old Rome Dog, but we ask how? Years and years have passed, people have saved that unique character of the Canis Pugnax, but the look has been changed, by generations, by different selection and different breeding with dogs. 

   Dogs, who were stronger, more massive and not so elegant were selected and in further development was created Mastino Napoletano.

   Cane Corso, dog who is today closer look to the Canis Pugnax, was obrained by selection of strong but elegant, not so massive dogs.
   If you take a look at the standard of those 2 breeds and compare, you will see that there are no big differences in details except, Cane Corso is more movable dog, more elegant, without to much skin as Mastino Napoletano, and it has convergent axes of head and muzzle ( Mastino has parallel axes of head and muzzle ), but there are different indeed.

             Why I spoke about Mastino Napoletano?

Because those 2 breeds are very similar, brothers, who were obtained from the same dog breed, and its important to mention brother because of further development and history of the Cane Corso. 
Cane Corso belongs to east Italy!

Mastino Napoletano belongs to west Italy!
   During our trips over Italy, we were socializing with breeders and lovers, we have seen so many dogs at different places, in the past turned out that people from east Italy have preffered Cane Corso breeding because of the middle big size, very swift and efficient, elegant but powerful, while people from the west Italy have preffered Mastino Napoletano breeding, who is massive and bigger than Cane Corso, so powersul dog. Character is very similar - same, both dogs are very excellent guard dogs.

Today, people from whole Italy breeding both breeds, like and worldwide.
   Name of the breed tells us, Mastino Napoletano - dog who have been created in Naples, west side of Italy.

   But what about Cane Corso?

No where in the name there is no some connection with some city from the east Italy?

   If we take an assumption that people from west wanted to creat line of the dogs who will look same one to the each another one, like it should be, then i can tell that people from east Italy were no care about look of the dog, then accent was on to keep - improve character of Cane Corso breed.

   In that past time, people were no care about look and do dogs will look same or even similar to the another ones, but was only important that dog work things what people used these dogs - to protect property and to hunt well, and its why Cane Corso is called Cane Corso - Dog Guard.
Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe
Cane Corso as the name of the breed is very old, but look is young!
Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe
   The most deserving person for recognition of Cane Corso late 1990s is Dr. Antonio Morsiani.

Dr. Antonio Morsiani was person who has breed Saint Bernard dogs, kennel "Del Soccorso" estabilished in 1937, one of the leader in Italian kinology.

   At 1987, Dr. Antonio Morsiani with judical commitee ENCI were created very first standard under prototype on the dog called BASIR who was lived in that time.

   After, it will needs many years before Cane Corso become dogs who are very similar to the other ones.

What happened before that dogs be so different in look but the same breed?

Why world has today so many Cane Corsos who are so different?

   As I said, people who "worked on" mainterance and they care only to keep functionality and character of the dog, didnt care about look, they did Cane Corso breeding with another breeds who have an similar character, as a example German Boxer, 
Mastino Napoletano, Tibetan Mastiff, Rottweiler, etc... With that kind of breeding, they got dogs who had shorter muzzle, black and tan dogs, dogs with longer hair, to heavy dogs with a lot of skin, and that continuously by generations, was important only that dog is good guard, or at Italian language - Cane Corso...

   Though today Cane Corso is world recognized breed, there are still differences in look about the type, even big differences, but thanks to Dr. Antonio Morsiani, today we have standard proportions how dog should look and which all of us should follow then with planned breedings we will work on to improve the breed, and Spunk Gang follows it 100%...

   Thanks to dog Basir, who was prototype in standard writing, today we know how Cane Corso looked in past.
Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe
Did you know that some people kept as traditional look

Cane Corsos with cropped ears and tail natural?
   Very interesting thing is that Cane Corsos in the past had cropped ears but natural long tail. As you know, in the past Cane Corso was used as guardian dog, but hunting dog, too. Untouched tail ( with it dog has apsolutely better coordination of movement ) used by hands of owner so owner can pull out dog from hole if dog gone because of hunting some animal, it is to hard pull out dog from the hole with the leash, so natural long tail was used as thing for the pull out dog from the hole.

   Cane Corso was used as hunting dog, with whom hunters and owners went to forest even very thick spruce, dog when moves tail left and right, will gives up position of the team and animals would be gone, so those dogs were get docked tail so they can do hunting unhindered.

    Traditional Cane Corso look is with ears cropped, from today aspect, ears were cropped from several reasons, in past were dogs who had so long ears so it may get injured in hunting even some another animal can hurt ears biting it, with very abudant bleeding, so ears were cropped short or in battle crop, but as with cropped ears dogs get on expression and seriousness of dog, people started do cropping and make from the dog to look powerful as it is today.

   One more very interesting thing about healthy of the ears, to cropped ears - inside of ears are open and skin can breathes so get enough air and sun lights and with it - much less chances that dog get infection of the ears by some bacteries, otherwise, dogs with untached ears - natural ears from wrote reasons have more tendencies to get ears infection.
Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe
Strong and stable character is what always adorns Cane Corso breed.
Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe
   If we make turn back and see because of what Cane Corso is bred as breed and what is the thing should adorns the dog, then we can conclude that its definitely character, and what means strong and stable character?

   To see all details about the character, we will go on lesson 3, click on the green point right down :)
Thanks for reading and stay with us :)

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Cane Corso, Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe