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If you are interested to ask us something, dont be affraid and let us to know your question about our Cane Corso dogs, puppies or expecting litter.

For sure we will have answer on all your questions.

Ussualy, we answer on your requests very quickly, but sometimes happens we are not at home or we dont have access to internet, then we will give you response about our Italian mastiff as soon as possible.

There are published our contact informations, you can fill the form and contact us, or write directly at our official kennel email.

In any case, you can give us a call .

 For English speaking

Slobodan Grujic

Mobile phone: +381 69 111 0990


Before you give us a call, please register your interest by email or sms so we expect your call.

The reason for that is a lot malfeasance

Thanks for your understanding!

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