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Our Cane Corso females, definitely base of our kennel. Thanks to them we have in general high show quality dogs now. We did export of our puppies all over the world, if you visit our page export, you will see where exactly our puppies / dogs live now. During years quality breeding selection, for sure we kept for our kennel only the best show female puppies, but also our females reproduce a lot of high quality puppies, as males as females, and most of them are already champions or they are on the way to became it. One more important thing about breeding is, its nice when people can make high quality reproduction of puppies continue better and better if using Spunk Gang females, males too. The proof is 4th generation of Spunk Gang dogs ( year 2014. we got our 4th generation ), from 1st up to 4th, there are better and better quality dogs, we improved also health and work quality. All dogs in property of Spunk Gang, also 4 generation are healthy with better scores. The fact is not always only breeder has high healthy dogs, a lot of people in the world from different countries who bought puppy from us, when time came they did healthy tests and most of they have very high scores, as breeders as lovers. Thats very important thing with which we can be very proud as breeders.

Every single litter is very carefully planned, so we can get many high quality puppies, later - high show quality dogs. You can check our planned litters, litter announcement or Cane Corso puppies for sale at page - PUPPIES.

Because breeding with females is most important than enything else for most people, for us - yes sure, but not only breeding. The same things as our males, all our females have done healthy tests, most of them passed characteral test, test on sleeve ( bite ), attack and defence. About show quality, we proven we have one of the best females in Europe, some of them are grand champions, some of them club winners, but for sure, they proven their quality on speciality shows called Raduno, where judge was specialist, also on lot of international & national dog shows on Balkan and abroad.

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