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Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe

Our Cane Corso males, they deserved why we are on the top of roof in Cane Corso World. Every single win which some of them won is specially. With quality breeding selection, we kept for ourself only the best quality males, but also we try to improve breed, so, we offer for sale only high quality male puppies for our costumers. We dont have offered pet quality puppies, we dont make pedigrees for them, because we think its not good for improving breed, but in any case, they are healthy, they are good and they have quality life with their families. All of our males, who are enough old for breeding as kennel club Serbia rules prescribe ( not before 18 months of age ), are available as stud dogs - available for breeding. If you are interested to buy a puppy from some of them or you are interested to use some of our champions for breeding with your female/females, feel free and contact us.

We have available frozen semen of all our dogs, from every dog we did sperm test before freeze and post thawing, all dogs have very quality sperm such as:

  • Sperm count per straw ( 0.5 ml )
  • Motility percentage ( 0-100 ) / Speed of sperm ( 0-5 )

With cooperating with clinics Clone Hungary and Clone Serbia, we can offer dose, 2 doses or more doses of frozen semen per dog. Shipping is available all over the world, to the all destinations and all clinics in the world who work with that in different cities, for more informations about frozen semen, shipping and prices, feel free and contact us.

Maybe we dont have available doses from each dog in any moment, because we sold or used it, it would be nice if you are interested, just contact us before you plan to use semen on your female, so both of us have enough time for collecting semen and shipping to the determined destination.

Spunk Gang Europe, Cane Corso Europe, Cane Corso puppies Europe, Italian Mastiff Europe